About US

1. Cassell, through its products, continuously seeks to blend tradition and immediacy, contributing to sustainable development with great professionalism and utmost priority to customer requests.

2. The brand's mission is to create garments primarily in exquisite leather, exclusively sourced from Italian tanneries, crafted with artisanal skill and the meticulous attention to detail of yesteryears.

3. Quality and tradition are the fundamental values of the brand. The reference to roots, the tanning process, is always present.

4. Absolute knowledge of materials guarantees impeccable detail. Quality is the driving force in every stage of production and forms the basis of all our work, all within a framework that aims for maximum impact with minimal environmental footprint.

5. The quality of materials intersects with audacity in every Cassell garment: our leather is crafted to create pieces with a rigorous yet spontaneous style. Despite various debates, leather is by far the most sustainable material, being a byproduct of the food industry.

6. Additionally, we are mindful during production, minimizing waste for a more conscious purchase; furthermore, all tags and packaging are made from recycled materials.

7. The Cassell customer is one who seeks elegant and exquisite garments, yet not mundane. Cassell's offering is decisive and characterized by a light-hearted creativity, allowing those who wear Cassell to blend daily wearability with avant-garde flair.

8. The tone of communication respects our vision, being decisive yet bold, fresh yet faithful to the style of our collections, in which garments follow structured yet fluid silhouettes.

9. Cassell hails from the world of craftsmanship and tanning. The founder of Cassell was born and raised in the tanning district of Solofra. Therefore, Cassell makes leather its primary belief, showcasing it in its myriad facets. One need only consider the flagship product of the latest collection, the denim leather: it encapsulates the sportiness of denim in a noble material like leather, while also looking towards sustainability as it is tanned using metal-free techniques.
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